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Auto Crane is literally the first name in service cranes. We invented the very first mobile field service crane, launching an entirely new industry. It’s in our DNA to keep pioneering one big idea after another. Auto Crane solutions lighten your workload, boost productivity, and prioritize safety. Our service cranes, work truck bodies, and accessories are designed to make a positive difference in your bottom line and our people stand behind our products, period.

Trusted around the world by people who know what it is to truly depend on a piece of equipment under challenging conditions, Auto Crane service cranes remain their preferred choice truck after truck. Why Auto Crane? Because of what we’ve always put first: the people who use and depend on our products every day in every kind of environment.

First in the field, always thinking ahead, and still leading the way.
Nobody does it like Auto Crane.

Titan Armor

Titan Armor® INDUSTRY LEADING 5 YEAR SURFACE RUST AND 10 YEAR RUST THROUGH FOR THE FIRST OWNER     [caption id="attachment_977" align="alignnone" width="1024"] [/caption] •

Cost Of Down-Time

You don't want want Auto Crane's Work-Ready Trucks. No one wants down time and if you think "down time" is just a term for

Download Free NexStar Information

Download the Auto Crane NexStar III Information Flyer NexStar is an easy to use integration of advanced components delivering the highest level of performance and safety

Work-Ready & Ready To Roll

One of the most pressing challenges facing our industry is finding good field service technicians. When it all comes together and you find that perfect technician, they complete their training and then finish the on-boarding process, you are ready to begin servicing your customers. If you don’t have a truck to immediately put them in, you are losing money.

Auto Crane Dealers are ready to support you!

Participating Auto Crane Dealers have invested heavily into building Work Ready Mechanic’s trucks to help support your business. Work-Ready Trucks gives you the ability to find trucks that are available now as well as specifications and completion dates of the trucks we are building.

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Customers Say

  • “Cherokee Truck delivers a premier level of service and support to our customers, and we’ve partnered with Auto Crane because they do business that way, too. Auto Crane works with dealers to support the entire sale, from purchase through ownership.”

    Jim O’Brien, President, Cherokee Truck
  • “I wish every vendor I dealt with offered this level of service and commitment to my business. The Rapid Response program is another example of Auto Crane adding value to the dealer relationship.”

    David Spear, General Manager, J&J Truck Equipment
  • “It was so simple and easy to use that he taught his son to run the crane and used his help to complete a few projects. I’ve been telling everyone how much better it is than our other cranes/controllers”During testing of our NexStar III controller

    CAT Equipment User in Salt Lake City, UT
  • “I am very impressed with the quality of your build and the amount of control we have with the NexStar II system”

    Owner, Maddock Machinery (Dealer) in Tucson, AZ
  • “The quality of your product is apparent in the fit and finish. We are pleased with the NexStar system and believe it will go a long way towards keeping our operators safe and productive. The crane runs extremely smooth and the truck remains steady during operation”

    Salt River Project (User) in Phoenix, AZ Engineering Team
  • We became a dealer for Auto Crane about 30 years ago. The sales rep was fantastic and they provide us with their cranes and parts and knowledge to help us out when we have an issue. They're a great bunch of people to work with.

    Rodney of Odessa, TX
  • We've been a distributor for Auto Crane for 15 plus years. We're one of their top three distributors in the country. We'll be a distributor for them until they cut us off, and that probably isn't going to happen. I met with the CEO, the vice president of marketing and sales, and our area rep last night for dinner. It's business as usual with them.

    Jim of Houston, TX
  • We purchased our second Auto Crane. Body, it's clean smooth body Design, Internal Protected door hinges, dual outriggers on the titan 60 body wide 30" bump. I also Todd ** meet me at the dealer and install the Nexstar 3 remote. All the component work awesome together as a unit. The Nexstar 3 remote is incredible easy to handle, easy to maneuver, and have any LED screen on the remote with all the pertinent information you should have when you're running the crane is incredible. When it comes time to purchase my next service truck it's absolutely going to be an Auto Crane.

    Dave of Fitchburg, MA
  • We service and outfit trucks and one of the things we outfit them with are cranes, and Auto Crane is one of our main vendors that we put on the trucks. The Auto Crane representatives are very helpful. I've worked with every single one of them and they’re all great people. They make my job a whole lot easier. We call them daily to order parts, get price and availability, and they’re able to answer any of my technical questions and anything that I may need. Our equipment and account manager orders all of the account equipment that we may need for installation and they fully help with all that. We've been with Auto Crane for many years and everything’s been great working with them.

    Gladys of Chattanoogo, TN
  • I've dealt with Auto Crane for 20+ years. Their product has been very stable and high quality and they’ve been very attentive if there have been any issues. I'm on an Auto Crane dealer council and we have a number of dealers across North America who help establish what the problems are and how we're going to go about fixing them. Then Auto Crane takes that information, runs with it and tries to make the appropriate changes in their manufacturing. There's a threshold between how much a consumer is willing to pay for quality but every consumer still wants to get the best quality at the lowest price. However, Auto Crane are high-priced and there are other people in the United States who build a similar product who are doing it for less. Other than that, Auto Crane is a great product and I've always recommended them to a friend.

    K. of Ab, AB